Monday, June 13, 2011

Universal Translator

This morning I spotted a lizard on our back door. It thought that it was hiding, of course, but neglected to realize that if you have your head next to glass, someone WILL see you. I love to give Zane the opportunity to see critters that come into our backyard, so I called him over and held him up to see the 'zizard' (Zane still doesn't have the 'l' sound down yet). We watched as the lizard scurried to the side of the door and did his little threat display, blowing up his throat like a little red balloon. We could see him in the windows of the door.

Just when the lizard thought he was safe, he fell, and our kitten Zena jumped right after him. So Zane and I had to go out and rescue the 'zizard'. I finally was able to grab Zena, and we watched the lizard crawl up a dark green chair and turn the same color. Daddy had to come out and see the 'zizard', too, before we all went back inside.

Later, while I was in the kitchen, Zane had to tell me all about it. He was very serious.

"Mama, last week there was spiderman and he crawled up the wall and there was a zizard on the ceiling and then he (no clue what the boy said here) and then there was a zizard on the chair and the zizard went up to the sky and pooped and then he fell down and bumped his head."

My son was very serious, to have said all that and not taken a single breath.

I rolled with it.

"So the lizard went up to the sky and pooped, then fell down and bumped his head?"

"Yes." Zane ran off to play with his trains. My husband, who was at the kitchen table reading the paper, turned and looked at me.

"How the hell did you understand all that?"

I just smiled.

It's a Mama thing.

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