Friday, June 24, 2011

Red Writing Hood: Flash Fiction: Harsh life

Note: This is my first attempt at Flash Fiction, which is, as I understand it, supposed to be 55 words or less. I didn't make it. I'm loquacious.

Life is shared laughter, as we return from a night out.
Nature calls.
The air is suddenly full of shrill screams.
Scorpion in the toilet!
My rescuer approaches...
He flushes the toilet, gives a condescending look.
"Don't look at me like that!" I defensively mutter.
I storm into the bedroom, again locking him out for the night.
The scorpion isn't the only thing that stings in this house.


  1. HA! This was fun! Love the condescension, the defensiveness.

    You could've written more: for this prompt, Carrie gave us 300 words!


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