Thursday, June 9, 2011

I am a Minion

Cats seem to know who their minions are. They find their minion, and attach themselves to that person. For life, sometimes. Apparently, I am a minion.

There is no doubt that Pounce is my cat. She sleeps on me. She calls for me. When I am upstairs, she is right there next to me. If I go into the bathroom and shut the door, she wants to be in there, and will meow loudly outside the door until I let her in. If she is perfectly happy where she is, and I get up and go into another room, she will grumpily move herself over to where I went.

She is actually sitting on the printer next to me while I type this, with her tail curled around her feet, giving me lots of kitty kisses(that's where they look at you, then slowly close their eyes). After she does this for five or ten minutes, she will begin her hourly bath. Yes, I said hourly. Remember how I said that she was nuts a couple of posts ago?

Pounce is the only cat in the house that does this. Morris is usually saving up all his energy for nap time, and Zena is downstairs being a hyperactive kitten. It's kind of nice to have a cat sitting next to you, giving you kitty kisses. Pounce's just sitting here next to me, not scratching, not yowling, not demanding anything.

I like that. It is rather comforting. Definitely a stress reliever.

Do your pets help you unwind at the end of the day?


  1. I wish we could have pets, because a purring cat would be just the thing for me right now.

  2. actually right now Cody happens to be drivng me insane lol. I am trying to read the blogs...I am feeling guilty because he wants to play with his Nekko Fly mousie...I am typing with one hand and reading these AND trying to play with him. I am such a bad kitty Mama because I don't play with him as often as I should. The irritating part is he is trying to EAT this mouse!


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