Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Five More Minutes

Zane is one of those kids who fights and fights not to have to take a nap. Of course, those kids fall asleep instantly if they are still for two minutes.

Zane has been asleep for two hours.

I try to wake him up.

He doesn't want to wake up.

"Zane, wake up!" I try again, rolling him over on his back this time.

"Five more minutes, Mama!" Zane tells me, without opening his eyes,

I laugh...and I give him five minutes. Children need their sleep.

Cut to the next morning:

Zane is on the bed, leaning over me. "Wake up, Mama!"

I roll over and blearily open one eye.

"Five more minutes, Zane," I mutter, on my way to falling back asleep.

Little hands start pushing on my shoulder.

"No, Mama!" Zane yells. "Time to get up!"


There will come a day, when Zane is a teenager.

A day when my son wants to sleep five minutes longer.

I am so waiting for that moment.


  1. It WILL come, no matter how unbelievable it seems at the moment. My oldest (NT) son was the worst sleeper on earth. Even as a small baby he did little more than catnap (day and night). Until he was nearly 9 or 10, he was up without fail at 6am every morning.
    Roll on the teens...now he's 14 and it'd take a small bomb to get him out of his bed now. I really never thought I'd see the day XXX

  2. My wake up call has generally been at 2 am during storms, or on the weekends when she should be sleeping. Yes, the teen years will be fun!

  3. Hang in there. He's 10 and he already wakes up after I do most days!


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