Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Boy Who Fights Monsters

Yesterday, my son and I were playing on the Big Bed(my bed). He was jumping on the bed, and I was trying to get him to stop. It is extremely difficult to get a child who is in the throes of bed-jumping ecstasy to cease and desist, so finally I gave up and put my head under a pillow.

"Mama, you scared?" Zane had stopped jumping at least.

"Oh yes, I am very scared!" I played it up and used my very best 'damsel in distress' voice.

"Okay, Mama," my son told me. "You hide. I kill monsters for you."

I then felt, and heard, my boy moving around on the bed, pretend fighting monsters, complete with strange sound effects.



I had to take a peek.

"I not done, Mama!" Zane chastised.

"Sorry!" I put my head back under the pillow.

More pretend fighting. More sound effects; from my vantage point, it sounds as though pretend monsters pass a lot of gas while they fight.

"Okay, Mama," I finally heard. "I killed all the monsters for you!"

"My hero!" I yelled, jumping up and grabbing him for a hug.

We spent the next five minutes just giggling and just being silly.

That Nietzsche guy can piss off.


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