Sunday, May 22, 2011

Not An Actor?

Zane was having a hissy fit, a conniption, a tantrum. There was the screaming and crying and the required throwing of the self onto the floor as a dramatic flourish. I think that there was some kicking thrown in for good measure***

He yelled that he wanted...

"Boy," I stand over him, interrupting. "You are not getting a single thing until you stop acting this way."

Zane stopped mid-scream.

"I not acting, Mama!" he said, with a completely straight face. Then goes back to his screaming and crying.

I developed a sudden coughing fit and had to go into the other room for a moment.

***I am saving up all these blog posts about my son for blackmail purposes when he's a surly teenager. I am sure that this makes me a bad person, but if it gets him to behave with a modicum of respect when he is hormonal, it will be worth it.


  1. don't you just love it when they can stop in the middle of a tantrum to explain something in a normal tone??? Just shows they DO have the control to stop if they choose to...arghhh

  2. Love how literal Zane and Griffin are. It makes scolding difficult, though!

  3. haha I love that he stopped to clarify that!


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