Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Born Leader

The assistant Director at Zane's daycare told us the other day that while she was speaking to another boy, Zane, my three year old son, approached her.

"Miss Theresa, when you get done here, come talk to me," He told her. He then walked off. Intrigued, when Miss Theresa finished, she went in search of my son. She found him playing with blocks. She pulled up a chair.

"No, you sit here," Zane told her, pointing to the floor. When Miss Theresa told us this, I pictured Zane telling her to "criss-cross applesauce", which is what he tells ME all the time. (Never mind that my legs don't DO criss-cross applesauce, and haven't done that since my wild and bleary-eyed college days.) So Miss Theresa sat with him on the floor and talked with Zane for a bit. He showed her what he was building with blocks. Then it was time for her to go back to her desk. Zane stood up with her, like a gentleman.

"Thank you for talking with me, Miss Theresa," Zane told her. Miss Theresa thought that was just so adorable. And it is.

The daycare has a new director these days. For the past week, Zane has been leaving his class to run up and say hi to Miss Georgia. Yes, he will run as fast as he can the twenty yards to her desk.

"Hi Miss Georgia," he will say. Miss Georgia will hear Zane's teacher yelling for him to come back, but she has to acknowledge Zane first. Then he runs back to class.

Yes, he is a polite kid. He says "yes, ma'am", etc. But in hearing these stories, the one thing that I keep hearing is that my son is pretty darn good at getting adults to do what he wants. He's bossy with the other kids, but he's flirty and complimentary and friendly to the adults, and they don't realize that he's bossing them, too.

Maybe I should have Zane negotiate my next pay raise.


  1. My youngest daughter is like that - she had her teachers wrapped around her finger while she was pulling the strings...
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  2. for being only 3 yrs old that is completely amazing!

  3. That is too good. Sounds a lot like my son. Could care less about other kids but would go out of his way to talk to adults...


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