Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Weekend is No Picnic

I have a bajillion things to do. Seriously, it's a bajillion. I counted. I should be happy that it's not a bazillion, I suppose.

I will be the first person to admit that I am a procrastinator. I know that those of you in Blogland are shaking your heads in disbelief, but it is the truth. Oh my intentions are always good. It's just that I get interrupted. I've been interrupted seven times just since I sat down to write this paragraph. I sit down in front of my computer...

The cat wants out.

The other cat wants a treat.

Put load of laundry in washing machine.

The first cat wants in.

Zane needs the light turned on in the bathroom.

My coffee is cold. I put it in the microwave.

Zane can't find his underpants.

Zane is traumatized by his underpants because they are not his Hulk underpants.Negotiations conclude with Wolverine underpants being deemed acceptable.

The cat wants out.

Pull coffee out of microwave. Still cold. Put back in microwave and turn microwave ON this time.

Zane needs help washing his hands.

Zane wants to brush his teeth.

The cat wants in.

Zane needs a sticker for washing his hands. And brushing his teeth

The cat wants in. Oh, wait, that's not my cat at the door.

Feed Lalo, the Feral Cat, who is only Semi-Feral. Sort of like Semi-Retired.

Locate Hulk underpants in washing machine. Turn ON washing machine.

Extricate Zane from the web he has made from an Ace bandage his father left sitting out.

Zane decides that he wants to be Aqua Lad from Young Justice.

The cat wants out.

Take coffee out of microwave. Still cold.

Gather up recycling.

Cat wants in.

Other cat wants petting.

Zane decides that he wants waffles. With butter.

Cat wants out.


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  1. *howling* I love the term bajillion. I know that I would have to take off my shoes to count that much.
    Darn cats, they can take up a lot of a day. I know was we have a couple who think they need to go out as well. The screaming at the door is like Chinese water torture.

    I hope you get your stuff done today. I have things I should be doing as well. Yet, I'm playing on blog hops. *lol*


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