Friday, March 11, 2011

The Secret to a Happy Marriage

I've been sick this week, with either a cold or allergies. It's kind of difficult to tell at this point. I just feel cruddy, but I don't have a fever, and I can't take off work this week because next week is spring break. So I've been muddling through. Emphasis on the word 'muddle'.

I hate to be sick. I hate not feeling like myself. I hate wanting to sleep so bad that I start nodding off in the middle of conversations. I hate feeling like my brain is in a fog. I hate being so irritable that I want to just start smacking everyone around me for no good reason. (even when I'm perfectly healthy, I sometimes want to smack someone. But I usually have a reason.) I need TWO spring breaks. If all this sounds odd, it's likely the cold medicine I took so I could get some sleep. It apparently makes you wacky. It actually says that on the box.

But enough about my wallowing in the self-pity trough. The Secret to a Happy Marriage is (drum roll)...separate bathrooms. Even if you don't have indoor plumbing, you need to have a "two seater" separated by a partition. Everyone needs their space, especially married couples, who are 'supposed' to want to do everything together. Togetherness is nice, but a little of that goes a long way, especially in a marriage.

Some of us are downright slobs(*raises hand), while others are obsessive compulsive neatniks. Separate bathrooms allows each person to express their personality to the utmost without fear of the other person completely ruining everything simply by crossing the threshold. One can leave the toothpaste sitting out all day, for instance, and nobody cares, because it's not in the other person's space. No random arguments that escalate over time until Cold War is declared!



  1. Separate bathrooms sound like a good idea, if nothing else just to have a chance to using the facilities at the appropriate time.

    In all honesty, though, the bathroom happenings should be kept a secret for the sheer reason of mystery. There is no need to let go of all of your privacy just because you have a close marriage. Not to mention it could impede an ugly argument because the commode seat wasn't put down or the cap to the toothpaste is missing...again.

    Co-existing in the same confinds is tricky to master even in the best of situations. If you're like me and can't have your own private 'office', then try to keep things lovingly civil. Note key word is 'try'.

    Let me know if a conflict arises and I'll send you each some inflatable punching gloves so you can go 9 rounds to see who gets to go first.

    ~Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
    The Tale of Ole Green Eyes

    PS: Oh brother, I know how you feel. My prayers are with you and I hope you're feeling better somewhat today. Take it easy this weekend.

  2. Linda here from Follow Friday. I agree about the bathrooms........... :-)

  3. Well, who am I going to play Domino's with then? LOL

    I do think at minimum you need separate sinks. I really don't like looking at old stubble and toothpaste, that aren't mine. hehe

  4. Boy is that the truth! All I want in life is to kick my husband and child out of the bathroom. I'm not OCD about being neat, but I draw the line at pee on the toilet seat!

  5. I'd like separate bedrooms just because I like to stretch out...


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