Thursday, March 24, 2011


We have an open office. We have our own cubicles, and it's downhill from there. My brain tries to hear everything, even when I leave very specific instructions to the contrary. I'll put on earphones and blast my ears with music, but this only makes them work harder to hear every little thing that is going on around me.

This morning, my coworker Kim is at her desk in the cubicle next to mine, making phone calls. I am listening to my music on my earphones, there's a lull in the music.

"I need to know your prices for a crack pipe?" My brain hears this, and slams on the brakes. The Red Alert alarm from the original Star Trek begins sounding.

"What?" I asked. No answer. I peek around the corner to find my coworker listening to someone on the other end of her phone. I sit back down. The rest of the conversation was just as interesting.

"What do you charge per joint?" More talking on the other side of the phone.

"We will need 25 joints. Do you deliver?"

By this time several other people in the office had gathered around my coworker, their curiosity piqued. Kim hung up the phone and looked at us all.

"What?" she asked. One of us explained. She threw back her head and laughed.

She had been referring to the supplies needed for a metal fence for her house...


  1. LOL!! Star Trek Red Alert---that's great!

  2. And that is how rumors get started LOL Great post!

    I'm here visiting from Never Growing Old Follow Friday and so glad I stopped by - I've got one those 'special kids' - except he's 30-and life goes on: D

    Hope you can stop by WynnieBee and say hello-still brand new and struglling to 'get it all together' - see you around the blogsphere!

  3. This is a good one! I had no idea how that could be legit til the end!


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