Sunday, March 6, 2011


The one thing that everyone on the planet should know about cats is that they hate change. HATE it. In fact, most cats would rather chew up change, swallow it, hack it up as a hairball, then bury it in the back yard. Most days, I would have to say that I agree with their perspective, except for the hairball part. Ick.

But change does come to all, even cats.

On the day that our cat Tiger died, which was three weeks ago, the only cat in the house who seemed to notice was Pounce. She paced, she called, and she remained agitated for most of the day. I understood her angst; Tiger raised her from a kitten. Since then, she's been acting a bit schizo. Well, more schizo than the average calico.

Morris, being a boy cat, immediately moved downstairs and started rubbing his face on everything to mark it. He wanted to go outside and mark everything out there as well, including the neighbor's Pomeranian. The little dog did not appreciate being stamped with the Morris Seal of Approval, and that ended Morris' adventures outside. But he's become much more bossy since Tiger has gone.

And about a week after he passed, we found the kitten Zena wedged under the bed in the exact spot that we found Tiger. Pounce was stalking her. It took us a bit to get her to come out, but we did, and she's seemed okay since. I guess that she had to say goodbye in her own way.

Even Lalo, the feral cat who lives in the backyard, began pressing his face against the glass of our back door every chance he gets. He has been spending the night on our back step instead of his perch in a patio chair. He seems to be looking for something, and we think he's looking for Tiger.

Or food. You never can tell with cats.


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  3. I am so sorry about your loss of is amazing how much cats feel....I am so very sorry.

    The other thing that REALLY gets to me is when people visit from Blog Hops trying to get people to follow them. When you leave a comment at least before you start promoting your blog, state SOMETHING in your comment letting the blog author know that you even bothered to read it. Not just a comment promoting yourself. I usually shut up about this but I am seeing this more and more. People would get more followers NATURALLY if they take the time to comment about the blog's TOPIC where they are leaving a comment. Thanks, I feel better now!

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  5. Hi, I am sorry for the loss of your cat. Losing a pet is always hard. When our dog died I always wondered what the other dog was thinking and feeling (and if she was in fact acting different because of his death or if I just perceived it that way). I found you on the crazed fan weekend blog hop and am following now. I like your wit (I mean who doesn't appreciate being called one of the most discerning and educated people on the planet?) and I too am a spelling Nazi! If you'd like to stop by:
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