Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sometimes We Need to Carry Our Super Friends With Us

Zane is very interested in dressing himself now, and we are willing to let him do this, within reason. The other night Zane was undressing to get into the bathtub. I poured some Mr. Bubble under the running faucet and turned around.

Zane was having trouble with his underpants. He was having trouble because he was wearing four pairs of underpants. Captain America, Spiderman, Superman, and the Hulk were all present and accounted for. I helped Zane get those superheroes off, and then Zane was able to get into the tub.

I guess that Zane was expecting some challenges to appear in his day. In anticipation of these challenges, my son brought along his heroes as reinforcements. He probably felt very prepared for whatever came his way.
I am a bit jealous. I want to have some superhero underpants that I can wear on tough days.


  1. Um, you don't have superhero underpants?

  2. No! They don't make those in big girl panties.

  3. Im your newest follower from friendly friday!

    xo Kelly (jrkg1719)


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