Monday, November 15, 2010

Thank You Hospice

My father-in-law Terry passed away this weekend. He was a good man, slowly eaten away by Alzheimers. While I am sad at his passing, I am glad that he is finally at peace. His death was made easier by Hospice and I can't thank them enough.

The Hospice people made home visits before he went into the nursing home, including finding a special bed that he could use. They supported my mother-in-law with information and listened to her as she made some difficult decisions. When Terry went into the nursing home, Hospice provided additional services such as help with bathing and grooming. They made sure that Terry was comfortable, at least as much as possible, right up until the very end.

When all this started, I had no idea that Hospice included services for people with Alzheimers. I thought that Hospice was just for illnesses like cancer.I was wrong. Medicare even paid for the Hospice services. It takes a special person to work with someone who is dying and Terry was blessed to have them.

So thank you.

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