Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Like Mother, Like Son

Zane is in the fridge. He isn't supposed to be, but my husband is often lax about latching the door closed. So Zane is in there looking for applesauce. He is getting upset, because we don't have applesauce, but he keeps looking. I finally get up and help him before he has a fit.

"Zane, we do not have any applesauce," I say.

"Nooooo!" Zane is getting wound up for a hissy fit. I peer into the fridge and there, among the leftover lasagna and eggs, is a bag of Three Musketeers fun size candy bars.

"Oh!" I exclaim. "Look at this!" Zane turns around, his interest tweaked.

"Chocklat!" My son yells happily. I give him two bars, because I know that he will open both packages and eat half of one, then give the rest to me! Zane grabs the two candy bars from me and runs off. I can hear him as he heads into the living room...

"Mine!!! My Chocklat! HAHAHAHAHAA!"

That is my kid, alright! Chocolate rules!


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