Saturday, November 6, 2010

Life with Zena, Warrior Princess

So far the new kitty has settled in. Tiger is happy to have someone to play with. Pounce hates her with a passion, and wil actively stalk her and chase her under the couch or behind the washing machine. Morris didn't even noticed that there was another cat in the house until Zena threw herself at his head. In other words, business as usual.

This is a video I made when I found Zena playing in a Wendys bag that fell on the floor:

Zena is living up to her fearless namesake. She kills large spiders, as previously mentioned. She practically bursts out the front or back door the second it opens and bounds out into the yard, ready to play with whoever or whatever might be out there. We have had a hard time keeping her inside! But she seems happy, and she is growing fast, and Zane likes her. That's busines as usual too.


  1. What's with you and all the Z names?

  2. I didn't name the kitty--Larry did. As for Zane, when I yell my kid's name for whatever reason, I only want my kid showing up, not 40 other kids who happen to have the same name. :)


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