Thursday, October 28, 2010

Things that Stick in Your Brain

At some point in my life I saw the movie Summer SchoolSummer School. It starred Mark Harmon(that is a darn good looking man, isn't he?) as a teacher roped into teaching summer school when all he really wanted to do was go to the beach. His romantic interest in the film was Kirstie Alley, sans the 750lbs she ate between then and now, as the lucky person teaching the Honors kids. Harmon's character had the "losers"--the dyslexic kid, a pregnant kid, the goof-offs, etc. All of these kids failed whatever Florida's version of a state assessment, and they had to be remediated.

The movie wasn't really all that great, but it was entertaining in parts. The part that I remembered best is that Mark Harmon called the administrator who was trying to get him fired a "bite in the ass". I liked that description.

These are people who grouse at you about something like an unfinished report, leave, then come back and gripe some more about the same report, then continue the gripe-graze for the rest of the day, so that you never actually get time to finish what you were working on until that person leaves work for the day, or you take your laptop and go hide in the bathroom to work in peace. Sometimes they will call you to bite you--I've thought about answering the phone and holding it toward my butt to expedite the process. There are days when I've had to deal with so many 'bites' that I should be twenty pounds lighter.

Do you know someone who is a "bite in the ass"?

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