Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Thoughts

So, here I am,sitting out front, waiting for trick or treaters to show up for candy. I am by myself, and the streetlight is broken, so I am sitting here with only the light of the laptop to illuminate me. Since I am probably more scary than just about anything else our here, I'm not that worried.

My husband loves the dressing up for Halloween. Zane's first Halloween was spent in the NICU, and his second Halloween he was just over a year, so we just took pictures of him dressed as Yoda and stayed in. This year Zane actually got into the spirit and put on his costume without much of the crying and whining that happened last year. They tripped on merrily up the street, a knight in shining armor and a Nazgul, and I got candy duty. I don't mind because I like to people watch.

The first year we moved into our house, I did not anticipate the sheer number of children that would show up. After all, I had lived in an apartment for a long time. So we ran out of candy in about five minutes that first Halloween and had to turn off the porchlight in shame. I vowed that would never happen again, so sometimes we have a lot of candy left over.


We have all kinds of people trick or treating this evening, mostly young kids, of course. I don't know quite how I feel about it, but there are carloads of kids who have their parents drop them off on our street. I don't even know if they live in our subdivision. So I have to have a system for making sure that there is enough candy to last. Number one rule: If you are not in a costume, you get nothing. If you can't be bothered to dress up in the spirit of the day, no candy for you. I always have special candy for the little ones, even though I know that those babies will never see any of that candy.

The highlight{sarcasm} of the evening was the very pregnant teenager who had painted a pumpkin on her belly. I guess that she was craving sweets. Every adult in her group was smoking and as she was walking away I saw her take a drag of her boyfriend's cigarette. Geez.

My neighbors did their haunted house thing this year, judging by the screaming and crying. And the running away.

Larry left his Nazgul costume on one of the chairs out here, and one of the kids asked what it was. I told them it was all that was left of a kid who didn't say "thank you". The entire group ran away screaming.


  1. I would like to smack the parents of the pregnant teenage girl! Sheesh! My litle guy finally enjoyed Halloween a little bit too! He's 19 months so we just dressed him up and took him around to all of our families houses. Next year will be a blast though! :)

    Following you now from Bloggy Moms!

  2. I wish I had something enlightening to say other than reading your post made me laugh. SO thank you.


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