Thursday, August 19, 2010

Creeped Out

I was reading this article a couple of weeks ago. It's about UFO sightings.

The last story in the article, about the pilot in Australia, for some reason just creeped me out. It didn't just creep me out then. Out of the blue, it showed up in my mind today and it STILL creeped me out.

For those with an attention span too short to look at the link, the story I'm referring to is about a pilot who was flying along the coast of Australia in the 70s. He called into a air control tower to ask about whether there was any air force activity going on where he was flying. When he was told 'no', he reported that there was some sort of aircraft that was flying around him and seemed to be chasing him at various points during his flight. He described what he could of the craft to the air controller over a period of time. And then he said something like "It's right above me and it's not an aircraft." That was the last time anyone heard from him, and they never found either him or his plane. EEEEK!!!!!

If something bothers me, I will research it and find out more about it. The idea that knowledge is power is something I buy into, and much of the time, it does help me alleviate any anxiety that I might have about whatever it is. I might still be anxious about something, but at least I'll have an idea about what to expect.

Not in this particular case! I'm actually getting creeped out(goosebumps are ACTUALLY on my arms!) right now just typing this. Now I don't know if I will even be able to fall asleep...great.

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