Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hair Therapy

I need a haircut. I need one bad, but I am not sure what kind of haircut I want just yet, so I am holding out as long as I can. Having a great haircut is so very important to my confidence that I feel like I need to be cautious about my decision. I've made bad decisions about my hair before, like that time when I thought I could cut my own hair, but I'd like to think that I learn from my mistakes.

Every woman needs to have a good relationship with the person who cuts their hair. A good relationship starts with trust. My "second longest committed relationship with a man I am not related to"(the first being my OB-GYN) was with the man who cut my hair. My 'hair therapist', I called him. All I would need to do is sit in the chair and talk to him about football and movies, and he always knew exactly what I wanted. And he didn't charge me bajillions of dollars, either. (Clue: if you pay more than 50$ for a haircut, you are not paying for the haircut, but something else.) We had twelve wonderful years together...and then the bastard dumped me, and most of his other clients, to go gallivanting around Louisiana. I'm sure Billy had his reasons, but I'm still a bit irritated that it was so easy for him to run off.

I wasn't heartbroken so much as discombobulated. After all that time with someone who always seemed to know exactly what I wanted, how was I supposed to find that kind of trust again? I decided to try a woman this time around. I walked out of several different sessions with several different stylists, not really happy. It sort of felt like I was dating again! I finally found Nancy, and she gave me a wonderful haircut, a bob. I was very happy with it, and felt it was flattering.

Until I started immediately noticing that EVERYONE on the planet had the exact same haircut. I am not kidding. Old ladies, little kids, you name it--they all had bobs. I went into a restaurant one day--and there was a table of six women, all with the SAME haircut. OMG. O.M.G. It was like I was in some sort of gawdawful horror movie where I kept running into bad replicas of me.

So I went back to Nancy and I told her straight up that I did NOT want to look like every other idiot in town. I wanted something different. And she agreed...and I walked out of there with the exact same haircut, only longer. *sigh*

There must be a hair style that will look good on me that 95% of the female population doesn't also have. I don't have to look like Angelina Jolie(*snicker*--like that would ever happen without serious plastic surgery and a wheelbarrow full of makeup) but I would like to at least look presentable. Also, I have about twenty minutes to get ready in the morning so it would have to be a hairstyle that is easy to fix and easy to care for. I have baby fine, straight hair that I would like to wear at medium length. Surely this isn't a problem for someone who knows how to cut hair?

So I guess I'm in the market for a new relationship with a new 'hair therapist'. They don't have a "" for stylists, do they? Bummer.

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