Sunday, June 6, 2010


THE BIG RED BUTTON is the thing, whatever it might be, that takes you from placid to scary,psychotic anger in less than a second. THE BIG RED BUTTON is the one thing in your world that pushes you right over the edge and into the path of the crazy train. THE BIG RED BUTTON goes straight to your last nerve and you lose your temper. Everyone on the planet has one of these. Some of us have more than one. Most of us have found ways to hide our BIG RED BUTTON from the world, while others have not.

It's impossible not to want to push a BIG RED BUTTON when you see one. Some of us can resist for a time, but some of us just give into temptation and push all the BIG RED BUTTONS we see, with often disastrous consequences. I fall somewhere in the middle, because I happen to be human, and I just like to see fireworks.

One of my BIG RED BUTTONS is when people ask the same question over and over and over. If they don't understand the answer that is one thing, but there are people who keep asking the same question because they don't like the answer and are hoping for a different one. Sometimes people keep asking the same question over and over and over and over because they want me to do the task for them and they mistakenly think that I'm that easy to manipulate.

I try very hard to keep my temper when one of my BIG RED BUTTONS is pushed, because there is no better entertainment for the world at large than to watch someone completely lose their minds with anger. But it is one of my personality flaws that I have little tolerance for stupidity that is deliberate. So, every now and then I will end up just losing my mind and letting loose on someone who wasn't smart enough to stop pushing a BIG RED BUTTON.

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