Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rules for a Good Staff Meeting

It's been a busy week where I haven't had a moment to think, let alone get on here and write. I am hopeful that with my new phone I can at least start some blogs while I am sitting in staff meetings.  People think that I joke when I talk about our staff meetings, but I am unfortunately serious.  Think about a trip to the dentist's office for root canal and you have an idea.  So here are my rules for good staff meetings.  Feel free to add your own. 

1.  Staff meetings should not run longer than an hour.  People got things to do. 
2.  Any agenda item that can be stated in an email should be stated in an email and removed from the meeting agenda to save time.
3.  No item may be discussed longer than ten minutes.  If you can't get it all out in ten minutes, it's not that important.
4.  A timekeeper should be elected.  That person is never the boss, and the boss has to follow the timekeeper for the duration of the meeting. 
5.  Always serve food.  And chocolate. 

Anyone got anything else?

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