Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow in San Antonio

Yes.  It. Snowed. Here.  In San Antonio, Texas.  They'd been saying that it would, but you know that you only believe half of what the weathermen say.  As I was driving to one of the campuses this morning, I had sleet falling, and when I came out of the school around noon it was still sleeting.  It sleeted rather heavily while I drove to Jack in the Box for an Ultimate Cheeseburger(something about cold weather makes me want to eat stuff that will put fat on my thighs--not good, but it's better to just give in when the craving is that strong).  I figured that is all we would get.  But then the sleet stopped and it started to snow.  Big, fat, lazy flakes at first, followed by a rush of snow, as if the sky was in a hurry to let all of it go.  It snowed where we were about an hour.  Unfortunately, we had no accumulation!  I did find one tiny corner outside where some snow had gathered and huddled against the building to hide from the sun.  I took a couple of pictures for posterity and Facebook uploading.

I texted my sister-in-law to see if Zane had seen the snow, but he napped through the whole thing.  He won't know what he missed, at least not yet.  I actually think that I would like to see him playing in some snow one of these days.  I would take lots of pictures.  Then I would make my son shovel the snow, so he has a well rounded and realistic experience with snow.  Because where there's fun to be had, work often follows, unfortunately. 

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