Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Googly-Eyed Days

It was a googly-eyed day, Grandma said, her purple feather boa thrown carefree over one shoulder.

That meant a trip to town! 

Joyously, we kids piled higgly-piggly into the old red jalopy, ready to go. 

The rambunctious wolverine called shotgun,as usual.


  1. I love your stories, they make me want to "ride along" :)

  2. You know grandma is a bit touched carrying all those kids to town. Lol, just keeping with the tone of the story. Take care.

  3. You gotta be quick to beat the Wolverine!!! Lol
    Fun story!

  4. Ha ha , another cute Wolverine story. I must say this prompt has brought out surprising responses. How innovative!

  5. This is so much fun! You captured the joy perfectly for the anticipated road trip. I want to go too!!

  6. I want to be a grandma with a purple feather boa one day. :)


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