Thursday, October 22, 2015

Ghost Story?

My son likes ghost shows.  Zane remembers religiously that a certain ghost show comes on over the weekend, and he starts asking about it Friday afternoon, like clockwork.  We can no longer pretend that the show isn't on, because he catches us when we are hurriedly trying to flip through the channel. Some aspects of the shows are a little odd, and we discuss that, but we always emphasize that the show is entertainment. 

I am not necessarily an unbeliever when it comes to the paranormal.  Too many things have happened to me over the years for me to say that ghosts don't exist. If, as some scientists claim, everything is made of energy, then perhaps some energies linger here after death.   I am not so arrogant as to believe that I know all there is to know about our world. 

Zane's asked several times if our house is haunted, in hopes of inviting ghost hunting folks over.  He's a social child; I guess that he wants to introduce the ghost hunting folks to the people from Finding Bigfoot?  Alas, our house was built over non-Native American burial grounds, and no one else has lived in the house besides us.  No person has died in our house, and only two beloved pets.  We do not live near power lines, nor have any electromagnetic anomalies, such as loose wires, which might cause a person to experience symptoms of a haunting.


One night, as I passed by Zane's room, I heard him talking.  It was late, he was supposed to be asleep.  I stuck my head in his room to check.  He was talking in his sleep.  I smiled, and was about to head to my own bed, when I caught Zane's next sentence.

"Where did they hide your body?"

I froze, the hairs on my entire body standing straight up.   What?  What?  I waited there in the dark, shivering, but Zane got the answer he wanted, and he rolled over and was quiet.  I went to bed.

But I was awake, in the darkness, for a long time.

Mama’s Losin’ It

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5. Write about a time you thought there was a ghost.


  1. Ghosts. I'd like to see one, and I hope I never will. I am a class A scaredy cat.

    1. The ghosts that I've seen, I didn't realize they were ghosts until they disappeared, so it wasn't so bad.

  2. OMG! Reading that actually cracked me up... (but would have totally freaked me out in real life!)

  3. That's hilarious! I would've been freaked out too. Oh, and I totally believe in ghosts :) Is the show your son likes to watch Ghost Adventures?

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  5. Huh... Maybe your ghost is visiting me right now... the comment form wasn't showing up (even after refreshes), so I was hitching a ride on a comment thread. (Sorry...) And then POOF! the "add comment" showed up. So weird! I'd be a little stunned, too. It's hilarious AND creepy at the same time. Did he ever check where the body was hidden? Coming at you from Mama's Losin' It!

  6. For a very long time!!!! How creepy!

  7. I WOULD HAVE DIED! omg I am NEVER adding this as a prompt option again. Y'all are creeping me OUT!

  8. Holy crap, that is creepy! I love it. I have actually seen a couple ghosts in my time...each of my parents. They didn't linger. I wasn't afraid, just fascinated and wanted very much to have them linger longer. I haven't seen them in years, alive or as ghosts sadly. Occasionally I will dream about one of them, but even now that is rare. Fascinating and chilling story!


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