About Me

I was born, not hatched like some people claim.
My parents are still married. To each other.
I am an Army brat.
I am a Texan.
I graduated from high school in Silver Spring, Maryland.
I have a younger brother who has three children.
I have one son here on earth, and a daughter in heaven.
My husband is a teacher. A middle school teacher.
I worked in the same school district for the past twenty years, until they started treating me like crap, cutting my pay and telling me that I should just be happy that I had a job.  That's when I went to work somewhere else, got a big raise, and less stress. 
I'm pretty sure that I've got a mild version of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, with nightmares and other weirdness. I've had quite a bit of grief/trauma in my life, and my preferred method of dealing with it has been to shove it back down into the recesses of my heart. Because that what people in my family do.  Unfortunately, it still gets out on occasion.  
I am a breast cancer survivor.  
I am a bit cynical. And sarcastic. Mostly in my head.
I am also the perfect straight-man, because I often don't catch it when people are joking.
I have maybe five girlfriends that I would move heaven and earth for. That means that I would hold their hair back so they could throw up without getting their hair stinky.
I love working with special education students.
I hate paperwork.
I hate meetings.
I am not too crazy about waiting, either.
I write because I need to, because it makes me happy, and because I need to vent.