Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Microstories: The Break Up

In the gloaming we sat,

A goodbye tryst, he promised;

A last kiss in the twilight.

And so I leaned
into his darkness,
my lips parted.

In the gloom
his strong hands
gripped my neck...

He forgot that
I carry concealed.


  1. Wow! This piece is pure genius. Love it!

  2. A most excellent last couplet!! Perfectly phrased, ma'am.

  3. Great!! A huge story in a tiny word count. Love this one. :)

  4. HAhahaha! Oh, hang on - that's actually not funny, is it?!?!?! Loved it!

  5. Nosed through some of your posts and this one just reached out and grabbed me. In the right place, of course. I carry concealed as well. Well, well done!

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