Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Photo

What do you see in this picture?

Do you see a bunch of clouds in a picture of the sky?

I see the face of my beloved cat Tiger in the midst of a silent meow.  Tiger is no longer with us, having passed on a few years ago.  When I saw this in the sky, it made me smile at the end of a not so great day.  My husband thought that I was being silly; he didn't see anything.

I know that our brains tend to see things that aren't there.  Matrixing, I think it's called. We're programmed to see faces, even in the pile of dirty laundry on the floor.  That's why the Virgin Mary and Jesus keep showing up on toast, on trees, on back doors, etc. While I'm not a big fan of venerating rust stains, I'll not hold it against anyone.  Sometimes we need to see something miraculous.

Why not in the clouds? Many people look to the heavens for answers, metaphorically and literally.  Is it wrong that I might find comfort in such things as might appear in the sky? Why not enjoy the moment, savoring what I see and holding it close to my heart? It makes me happy to do so, and it's not hurting anyone.  There's no law against it. 

So feel free to look at this photo, and see whatever you want. 


  1. Seeing the miraculous in the everyday is a gift. Weirdly, I wasn't imaginative enough to see the magic until I started looking through a camera lens!! Not sure what that says about me!!

  2. It just means that you needed the camera to help you focus. You live in a country where you have so much beauty to see, after all!


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