Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Meaning of My Name

What is in a name?  Does your name change who you are?  If you had a different name, would that fundamentally erase who you would have been and created someone new?  I think about these sorts of things once in awhile, usually when I am sitting in an excruciatingly boring staff meeting someplace. 

My mother named me Tina after the actress Tina King of the King family.   I was not named Christina or any other named to be shortened, just Tina.  If looking in a dictionary of baby names, Tina is from the Old English and means river, which I find curious.  My name is also associated with Christianity, and in that aspect is supposed to mean strength. 

So I am a strong river?  Not with my bladder.

The Urban Dictionary defines my name as meaning "little one".  Which is true--I'm only 5'3".  There's more: "Derived from Latin. Competitive - a leader, independent, strength, creative and original. A refined intellectual, a woman who's studious, analytical and very research oriented . . ."  While I am definitely independent, intellectual, and strong, I wouldn't say that that I am very original. I've met tons of strong and independent women.  I'm also not competitive about most things.  (My name also appears to be a reference to meth, oddly; unless they are referring to the drug's volatile and explosive tendencies. I do have a bit of a temper.)

I also looked up my name on a weird website called the Kabalarians.  I guess they are interested in the Kabala?  (Well, either that or it's some cult--if I disappear or start spouting weird stuff and asking for money, you'll know which one.) This site says that I am very strong willed, which is true. But it also says that I desire leadership.  Not so much.  I'd much rather be the second in command,

The consistent theme, across these websites is that I am a strong and independent person.  I think my name does suit me in that regard.  Following the crowd has never been easy for me.  I've always preferred to go my own way.  As for strong, I have always seen myself as a survivor.  I've survived many things that would have put others in therapy, and killed a few.  I'm still here, scars on display. 

I don't think I'd be as adaptable if my father had had his way and I'd been named Bernadette.

Mama’s Losin’ It

5.) The meaning of your name...does it suit you?


  1. I've always wondered if I would be a different person if I would have been named Sarah, which was my mom's choice. Instead, Daddy won and I became Mary Jo. Who knows? I've known two other Tinas in my life (not nicknames) and they were both strong and independent, like you.

  2. Ok, I had to go look at the definition of my name on Urban Dictionary... I may now say it suits me. :) I love that your name is TINA and not short for anything!!

  3. So glad you feel your name suits you! I haven't ever really given my name much thought until I was looking it up on different websites for this prompt.

  4. Yes, Tina is a much better name than Bernadette! :-D

  5. My name means from the white island... which has no connection to my life whatsoever. But I'm glad you found the connect in your life!
    Whit from Raspy Wit


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