Thursday, October 25, 2012

Role Reversal

Write On Edge Prompt:   This week we asked you to use this photograph(a red-tinged picture of someone kneeling on the floor) to inspire your post, in whichever direction your mind should wander. 

Blindfolded, my hands bound behind my back, I struggled to kneel as I had been instructed.  I knew that I would be whipped if I moved too slowly, so I took my time.  There's something freeing within the swats and stings of a good whipping.  Anticipation of a blow can be joyous, the swishing sound of the whip sailing through the air intoxicating, even before the leather meets the flesh. I enjoyed such pleasures immensely, and was quivering in delight even before the punishment began. A warmth flowered underneath my skin with each blow, until my entire body was tingling. I could hear the harsh breathing of my partner, and knew that he was tiring from his exertions.  Suddenly, the whip hit the floor.  Ashton pulled the blindfold from my eyes and untied my hands, and I blinked in the light. 

"That's it?" I was incredulous. "You call that dominating?"

"I'm tired," Ashton pouted.  "And besides, that's not what you are here for. I just wanted to see what all the fuss is about."

I sighed, climbing to my feet, and pulling on a robe.  "You're right."

"Of course I am right.  Now pick up that whip and tan my hide!"

I did as he asked, and picked up the whip, gazing at it critically. I shook my head. This was Ashton's house call, he provided the toys and his session was rapidly coming to an end.  He knelt, naked, in front of me, waiting, his hands behind his back, his head down.   I smiled at the boyish brown curls on the back of his head.  I lightly cracked the whip, and the sound made him jump. 

"You want this, don't you, Ashton?" I asked him, my voice low. I took the handle of the whip and slowly slid it along his jawline.  "You want me to take this whip and beat you until you can't stand up on your own, don't you? You've been naughty, trying to take charge. You love it when this whip leaves red marks all over your flesh and you can't even sit down because your dimpled buttocks are so sore and bruised.  You like when I raise welts on your backside that need to be iced before you can sleep.  You love when I do these things to you, and you want me to do them again, don't you?"

A moan escaped from Ashton as he knelt before me, waiting.  I laughed.  I  turned and walked toward the door.  I placed my hand on the knob and looked back at Ashton, smiling.   "After you clean up the kitchen. And remember that I like to eat dinner at five sharp"


  1. Ha! Nice twist at the end!

    1. Well, if I were a dom, I certainly would want to demonstrate my dominance by getting some housework done. You know, since men traditionally avoid such things.

  2. I love the interplay between these two! How they can pause and rearrange their situation and then continue on. But I was a little confused about the term "house call." That made me think that one or the other of them is being paid for the bondage time. The end remark about cleaning the kitchen made me think they had a "normal" relation, and might even be an old married couple playing with BDSM. If in the beginning she's taking her "turn" at being bound, even though it seems the "usual" situation is her dominating him, then the "old married couple" thing works really well. But if she's a paid dom, or even his regular dom, then it's confusing why she would be bound in the beginning (although since that's the prompt, of course it must be included :) I haven't read a lot of BDSM, but what I've learned is that it's unusual for a person to be both the dominant and the dominated. (A switch.)

    I vote for the "old married couple" scenario!

    1. I was thinking along the lines of a 'booty call' when I called it a house call. It seemed too much to call a bondage session a booty call, you know?

      But these two do have a long and committed relationship, so old married couple would probably apply.

  3. And all that jazz. I too wondered about the paid visit or the regular relationship. Other than that though, very well done.

  4. Nice! I especially loved the ending. First time I've read the dominated being the dominatrix but it was an interesting twist.

  5. I think it takes some guts to write from this perspective. Well done.

    I especially enjoyed the opening para.

  6. Same on the paid visit versus recreational call!

    Your narrator's voice was a pleasure ;)

    "I enjoyed such pleasures immensely, and was quivering in delight even before the punishment began" - the combination of such a cold beginning with such a visceral word like "quivering" was excellent.

    barbara @ de rebus

  7. I agree with the other commentators, where I got confused was: "And besides, that's not what you are here for. I just wanted to see what all the fuss is about." Because it implied to me that it was his house.

    I really felt the piece hit its stride when she went back to being Dom and thought that paragraph was really well written.

  8. This line threw me a little:

    his was Ashton's house call, he provided the toys and his session was rapidly coming to an end.

    but I think your narrator's voice is spot on ... the shift from dabbling submissive to comfortable dom was a great shift in energy without being over-the-top.

  9. Honestly I found it humorous.... The conversation between the two in the middle lightened the mood.
    Also, I would have done the same thing... the order to do the dishes that is.
    If only my husband would play along.

    But if you were going for nailed it too.
    Well done.

  10. Makes me wish my husband could be so easy to manipulate :)

  11. I'm here from WriteOnEdge. Well done! Like Carrie up there ^, I wish that I could get my husband to lean up the kitchen! Good stuff. ;-) Come check out my piece.


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