Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Put On Your Big Girl Panties

Some of Trump's supporters are hoping to have some of the votes from the Electoral College tossed out this week, because they do not want to face the very scary idea that someone else won the election.  Change is scary and most people are terrified. They want things to stay the same, especially if their behavior and actions were dictated by the idol.  Trump's toddler antics gave some people the idea that it was okay to be a jerk, and now there will be consequences, some severe consequences. 

The flag of the Confederacy was banned in several places, and statues to Confederate soldiers are coming down, or being moved.  It has always seemed bizarre that statues of the losers of a war would mean so much to people that they are willing to do violence over it, but people are weird.  The idea that a change is necessary is beyond the mental limits of some people, and those of us who have moved on need to understand that.  We don't have to accept it, but we need to understand their fear of admitting mistakes and leaving the old ways behind.  Old dogs can learn new tricks, and if they can't they get left behind.  

I actually feel sorry for these individuals.  Putting faith in an idol like Trump, a dude from an 80s time capsule, does not seem like a good idea. Neither does worshiping a flag from more than a century ago.  Idols have an expiration date.  The trouble with presenting yourself as an idol is that eventually, people figure out that you're not "the" anymore.  Once that shine wears off, it's time to go do something else.  Nothing sacred about that. But admitting that somebody else won the election, participating in a new government that is not mired in hatred and narcissistic bigotry, just plain terrifies these men and women.  I don't know, maybe Trump has naked pictures of Josh Hawley and he's not afraid to release them to the press. I think all of it is stupid and unproductive. 

The election is over, the people have spoken, PERIOD.  End of story. Government servants elected by the people should do what the people have rightfully asked them to do. If they aren't willing to be the voice of the people they have no business in the legislature. Remember that golden idol the Jews made in the Ten Commandments, while Moses was getting the word from God? Nobody worships that cow anymore. It's time to say 'buh-bye' to Trump.  Time to let that flag go and move on. Eat your pancakes.  Change is here, whether you like it or not.  

Might as well put on your big girl panties and deal with it.  


  1. There is some sort of fascination some have with Trump. I did not like him before he ran for President. I listened to Trump, I don't have to like someone to think and vote for them. I thought he was unqualified. I never dreamt he would win. We have had four years of lunacy. What surprises me the most are the number of people who voted for him this time around. But things are looking better. Georgia is blue and I have a feeling the next two senators will be on the blue team too. But the night is young.

    1. Now that the people of Georgia have found their voice and are willing to use it, I have a feeling that other states will follow. Meanwhile, nobody wants Ted Cruz. Not even in Texas.

  2. Hey hey lady! Always good to see you here. I am just in time for the lunacy that has come today now!!!!

  3. Yeah, I had no idea how crazed these people were, and there it was, right there on the news.

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