Saturday, April 29, 2017

Spring Has Sprung a Leak

I wish that I could say that I've been romping about in the meadows, full of glee.  I wish that I could say that I have spent hours flitting from flower to flower, inhaling the wonderful aroma of spring.

That would be a lie. 

While I love the spring, with the warmer weather easing the pains in my joints, the spring does not love me back.  Random pollen, from plants that NOBODY else is allergic to, cause me to sneeze uncontrollably and leak various colorful fluids from my nose and eyes.  This certainly makes the many meetings I attend more interesting.  I used to try and pass off my tears and runny nose as something else, but now I just grab my inhaler and look pitiful.  

I could wear a mask, like I did when I was going through chemo.  I could just stay indoors for three or four months. Or I could move to Canada, where I can't possibly be allergic to anything. Except perhaps bears.   

The pollen here may cause me consternation. Oh  yes.  However, I love the colors of the wildflowers strewn all willy-nilly on every patch of grass larger than a postage stamp.  I love the glory of the mountain laurel trees, with their purple, grape-smelling flowers. It's an awesome display, every color represented, and I find myself inspired in spite of the need for tissues.  All too soon, the flowers, and the color, are gone, until next year. 

Kind of a silly metaphor for how fast life passes us by.  I had better enjoy it while I can!


  1. I take the pups walking in our cemetery, once Spring arrives, as the wild flowers, started early, due to a mild winter. It's an old cemetery, so things don't have to be uniform. Folks plant things for their loved ones. The daffodils,are finished along with,the paper whites. Iris' and the peonies are starting this week. I am so glad my allergies don't include, flowers. Now trees leafing out....that is another, story. I take my medicine all year long.

  2. There was a lovely dusting of yellow pollen on the car after I traveled yesterday, so there was no question why my throat was so itchy! Hang tough, friend!

  3. I love to work in the yard and itch all the time as a result. What did people do before allegra and the like.


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