Sunday, November 8, 2015

Expanding My Creative Horizons

They say that you're supposed to keep your mind active as you get older.  You're supposed to try new things.  It keeps the brain happy, the neurons firing, the nerve cells communicating.

I'm in favor of that.

I used to be embarrassed by my artistic efforts.  I think most people are shy about their artistic skills.  Nobody likes to be laughed at, understandably.  Nowhere else is your heart and soul put on display as it is in artistic expression. 

I feel comfortable putting my writing out there, of course.  I can take criticism in this area, because I know that the end result will help me to become a better writer.  I'm not as comfortable with drawing, or painting or even playing around with one of my son's computer apps.  That tendency to think that everything has to be perfect, that anything I do has to be a masterpiece is difficult to let go.

But I try.  


  1. Like most things, the more you draw the better you'll get. Guaranteed!

  2. If everything you created turned out perfectly, how could you get any better? A quote I like (don't know who said it first) is: You are not made to be perfect. You are made to be human. It's a good reminder for me.

  3. Did you make the image for this post? It's so charming. And creative -- I never think to put things in silhouette. Anyway, I hear you. I can't draw or paint -- I can't draw within the lines. But none of that matters. It's about the process. Thanks for sharing this.


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