Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Gourmand on Chemo

"How's that chicken lasagna?  My culinary masterpiece!"  Gerald exclaimed proudly

Yum...dessicated balsa, mashed into pulp, chewed by an irritated beaver, then passed through the digestive tract of an entire colony of suicidal brain lamented, but I smiled. 

"It's delicious!"


  1. aww :( So hard to go through something like that. And having to put on a brave face. You said A LOT here in a little bit, very good writing!

  2. It's hard to put a brave face on it and make the best of it. Brilliantly done! ♥

  3. Why can't we all just say what's on our mind? :) Love your description here.

  4. An old family recipe? I hope you get your taste buds back in working order very soon. (Sorry, I haven't been around much lately. I hope your treatment is going well.)

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