Friday, August 8, 2014

Summer's End

This is a continuation of last week's adventure

After seeing to the animals on the farm, they spent most of that summer day naked in bed, their arms and legs entwined. Caroline had opened the windows, and a lazy breeze drifted through the room, helped along by the slowly turning ceiling fan above them.  They both knew that there would be hard work to come, but were content to set the world outside the door for a little while.
Occasionally they talked, he on his back, her head on his chest. David wanted to share everything, to reveal the dark and secret corners of his heart to her. To tell her that she was the one, that he would never love another. He knew that Caroline would just push him away, like she always did. Instead he told her stories of his years at college and his time in the military.  She burst into giggles as he talked about the first time he ate a tamale.

"Did you really eat the corn husk?" Caroline was breathy with laughter. "You're just kidding me, right?"  She ran her fingers up his arm, scooping up a couple of ladybirds that had found the coolness of their room inviting.  They ran along her hand, scurrying their way to the tips of her fingers before flying into the air. David held up his right hand.

"Swear to God, I ate the whole thing," he laughed at the memory. "I didn't want to be rude, and I was hungry.  I couldn't understand Spanish, and I had no idea why people were laughing until one of the guys filled me in."

"Do you miss it?" Caroline lifted her head, her face close and suddenly serious. Her eyes seemed to be looking through him, looking for something she couldn't name.  David shook his head, hoping that she could see his heart. 

"If I had missed it, would I have come back here?"  His voice was rougher than he intended; he was suddenly tired of holding back his feelings.  If she ran from him, he would wait for her to return, just like he did with a skittish horse.  "You're all I thought about while I was away, Caroline. I thought my feelings would change, that I would forget about you. I never did."

"You say that now, David," Caroline looked away, her voice sad. "And I want to believe you. I always want to believe you. But summer will end, and who's to say that you won't be far away come winter?"

He gently cupped her face, running his thumb over her bottom lip.

"I'm not that guy anymore, Caroline," he whispered.  "I am here, and I am here to stay."

"Mama! I'm home from camp!" They both heard the girl's voice as the screen door slammed.   David stared at Caroline, a slow realization freezing his features. Caroline smiled gently at him, then sat up and began searching the floor for her clothes.  She tossed his jeans at him.

"David, it's time for you to meet your daughter."

Prompt:“... summer will end” and/or “ladybirds”


  1. "David, it's time for you to meet your daughter."

    Well, that's a morning-after shocker. :D The world didn't stay at bay for long.

  2. Love that ending. Didn't see it coming. Now comes the true test of whether he stays or not.

  3. Did not see that coming, Great twist and a cliffhanger all rolled into one. Nice!

  4. Again, great ending! And I love how you keep the tension of their feelings - him promising, her unsure. Good job! (Sorry if this is a repeated comment - google signed me out and I wasn't sure where it went!)

  5. Oh this was so romantic and then so first thought was "no wonder she keeps running" and then it was 'of course, the perfect reason to run and for him, the perfect reason to stay. "

    your descriptions were wonderful and just right.

  6. Coming up next on Maury Povich...

    Best buzzkill line ever. Poor man.


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