Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Taste of Summer

David's pleasant dreaming evaporated when he rolled over and found her side of the bed empty.  A glance at the clock on her nightstand was unnecessary; the sunlight forcing its way between the slats on the blinds told him that morning had arrived. 

With a groan, David sat up, scrubbing his face of sleep.  As he located his jeans on the floor near the door, he wondered what sort of reception he would find when he left the bedroom.  Would Caroline remember their feud, or would last night's lovemaking still be on her mind?  Should he play it cool, or let his feelings rule?  The unexpected eruption of passion that had rocked David last night was more than he had ever thought to find again.

He wanted more, but he wasn't sure how Caroline felt.

He quietly made his way into the kitchen when he heard the screen door slam.  He stopped cold.  Clad only in his t-shirt, Caroline held a small bucket full of strawberries. She made her way to the sink, her bare feet leaving wet tracks on the floor.  She dumped the fruit into the sink and turned on the faucet, motioning for him to open a cabinet.  He pulled out a bowl and brought it to her, then just stood back.  David was suddenly fascinated by her hands.  Her fingers had been so soft when they slid over his skin just hours earlier. Yet he knew that she took care of the entire farm by herself.

"Strawberries always remind me of summer." Her voice was soft, distracting. The rich timbre rolled over his skin, raising goosebumps.  Caroline's hands had stopped, and his eyes lifted to her face.  He realized that her lips were still swollen from his kisses, and he liked that.  I thought that she hated me. David had been wrong about that.  He had been wrong about a lot of things. He smiled; so much for playing it cool.

"But you have to pick them early, before the heat, because that's when they taste the best." Caroline picked up and examined an uncut strawberry, red and ripe. She moved closer to David, her eyes glazed with passion. She bit into the fruit, the juice exploding over her lips and dripping onto his shirt. His shirt.  The truth hit him.

"Oops." Caroline's smile was an invitation.  David's eyes focused a moment on the stains where the roundness of her curves began.  In his shirt.  His hands grabbed her waist and he pulled her mouth to his. He could taste the strawberry, the sun, the earth, and the sky in her kiss. 

She was his world.


Hehehe...summer is all about the heat...right? I'm going to go cool off now. 


  1. (my turn to fan myself)
    this was soft and easy as a summer Sunday morning. I loved the image of her in his shirt, it gave us the intimacy you were weaving.

    "I thought she hated me.." is such a great way to start a steamy summer romance. ;)

  2. Holy.... heat. :) LOVED THIS!

  3. Very sensuous. Well told. And then what happened...

  4. "Glazed with passion" - got that spot on! Love how you started on his uncertain foot, though. Worked well.

  5. Steamy. A lot of passion in this scene without giving too much away. Nicely done.


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