Sunday, February 9, 2014

Got the Winter Blahs?

February brings the Winter Blahs, when even the most cheerful of us get a bit down. Spring is so far away that it will never come, we start to think. and we are so over the dark days and the dreariness of being cooped up together inside.

I'm here to help!

First, find a picture of one of these:

You can't help but smile at a sunflower.  They're just happy looking, aren't they?  Sunflowers are little suns, and that brings to mind warmth and the feel of sunshine on your face.  Yellow is a happy color, unless you're looking at the results of a little boy who is still working on his aim in the bathroom.

Do pictures of sunflowers remind you of runny noses, hayfever and other allergy-related fun?  Then there is only one thing to do in that situation to alleviate the winter blahs.  Follow these instructions!

1. Dress in your most comfortable clothes.  No belts, bras or other binding items!  It's all about elastic...and warmth.  That means your favorite pair of sweatpants are a must, as well as thick and comfy socks.

2. Make your self a hot drink.  I prefer apple cider, but others might like hot chocolate, coffee, or tea.  The hot part is the most important thing.

3. Find the most comfortable spot in the entire house, and sit on it.  I have an incredibly comfortable chair that is my favorite spot, but others might prefer their bed.

4. And then...wait for it...
Yes, when in the midst of the winter blahs, there is nothing more comforting than the love of a good and faithful pet, curled up and sleeping in your lap.


  1. I was so with you, and ready to excuse my day and follow your instructions....but now I am sad that I am allergic to cats and Foz is not a lap dog...


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