Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Ten Best Things About Being A Kid

Being a kid is wonderful. Oh, there's some things about being a kid that aren't great, like curfews and tuna casserole, but there's so very much to love about childhood.  It's taken on a mythical status in my mind, since for me, childhood was long ago and far away, but I'm reliving some parts as I watch my son grow.  Kids have some things that adults don't get to keep.

1. You get to be invisible.  Adults tend to forget that kids are in the vicinity, especially if they think that the kids are not paying attention to them.  Newsflash:  Kids are always paying attention!  Kids hear everything, and kids tend to remember what they hear.  The perfect spies! The NSA doesn't need to secretly monitor emails and online usage.  All they need is a pack of five year olds and a translator.

2. Everything is brand new.  For adults, there's nothing new under the sun.  We've been there, done that, bought the t-shirt.  There's a tendency to become jaded about the world, just from overexposure. For a kid, however, everything is brand-spanking new in their world, and they look at everything with a wonder and excitement that I envy.  The closest that I come is that hour before the newest episode of Game of Thrones airs.

3. Kids still believe.  There's an innocence about childhood.  Children still believe in people, still believe that people are good.  I sometimes wish I still had that belief,  but I know what is out there. However, I will move heaven and earth to see that my son believes as long as possible.

4. The world is a magical place.  Santa is real.  The tooth fairy really does visit to exchange a tooth for a coin.  Pixies live in the cow pastures, and fireflies carry wishes to heaven. Anything is possible to a child, and miracles are just a fact.  Of course, reality intrudes, and the dreams die hard, but while it lasts, the world is a little more wondrous.

5. It's a free ride.  Kids don't worry about whether the rent's paid.  They don't worry about the car being reposessed, or whether there's money in the bank. They know that Mom and Dad will be there to make sure that they get fed and are clothed and warm, even on a shoestring budget.  No matter what, someone will take care of them. I am an adult, and I still occasionally wish that someone would take care of me!

6. The imagination is on full blast.  Kids imagine all sorts of worlds, stretching over and under this one.  One word, one sound, and off their minds go, a journey of a thousand miles in an instant.  Sit a kid in a room with a box and a pencil and they're perfectly happy, because their imaginations provide the entertainment. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could keep that spur of the moment imagination?  It would be perfect for last minute blog posts!

7. No fear  My son would climb the tallest piece of furniture in a place and leap off...just because.  He'd probably love skydiving, which he would do by himself, because his mother is terrified of heights.  Kids aren't the least bit afraid to take a risk or to leap into the unknown.  Sometimes I yearn for that fearless time.

8. Everybody is a friend.  My son is a goodwill ambassador.  He has no problem approaching people and talking to them or asking them questions.  He doesn't care if the person he's talking to doesn't have legs because they stepped on an IED.  Kids don't care if the person can't see, or hear, or has autism, or any other thing that might give adults pause.  They learn that from their parents.

9. Kids get over things fast.  Kids cry. They pout. They glare. Then they get over it, usually after a brief nap.  Kids don't ever seem to hold grudges, and today's fight over the sandbox disappears when they close their eyes.  That resilience is enviable; it's impossible for me to remember that I was ever able to let go and move on so easily.   

10. No matter what, Mama loves you.  That's right.  Kids aren't always on their best behavior, they don't always say the right thing, they can be little terrorists.  But at the end of the day, their Mamas tuck them into bed and kiss them good night, and all is right with the world.  That is how it should be, and Lord willing, one day it will be so for all children.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.  May a little of the magic of childhood be yours!

10 best things about being a kid.
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  1. I can't even think of anything to add because you so completely nailed it! I miss being a kid!

  2. You very well captured the "innocence of childhood". I'm not far short of those times but my goodness am I missing them. Feel free to check out my list. :)

  3. This was truly a gem of a post, so unique, clever and sooooo true! Hoping you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! xoxo

  4. We had extended family Thanksgiving yesterday. Spent the whole day with a group of 5 to 8 yr olds for the first time in a while so your post is timely for me. The magic, no worries, don't know a stranger, and completely able to get over themselves within a 10 minute period. Love it!

  5. So what's wrong with Tuna Casserole??? Or does that mean something different up there?!?!?! The only other thing I could think of is that for a kid, everything is simple. You love this, hate that. Want this, don't want that. Get up, do your stuff, go to bed. No time wasted agonising or overcomplicating things or worrying about nuance. I wish I could get that back!!


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