Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Keep Calm and Random

Yes, we have been watching the Spurs in the playoffs. Yes, I saw that horrific game on Sunday.  I even skipped watching the season finale of Game of Thrones for that loss, and I was less than pleased.  It was as if the Spurs were just playing around, not really very serious, and of course, all of us in San Antonio are screaming at our television sets for them to knock all that off, like they can hear us.  We fans wanted the Heat stomped on, crushed in four games of complete annihilation.  Just like the Heat fans wanted their team to crush the Spurs.  It's the way of sports, that the fans get so emotionally involved.  However, complete destruction does not make for thrilling basketball.  The winning team has to look as though they earned that trophy, right?  So, I suppose that we will just have to follow the directions on this shirt.

I was happy to discover that my summer will begin earlier than expected, as in next week.  My first thought was, "Hooray!"  My second thought was "Crap, how am I supposed to get all this stuff done before then?"  Am I the only one who does that? The piles are shrinking slowly as I get files completed and sent off to be checked and refiled, and I am extremely happy about that.  I would very much like to have a somewhat clean desk when I leave.  At the very least, just a couple of small, easily manageable piles. I used to sweat those leftover items, not wanting to put them off, but I've turned a new leaf.  As far as I know, nobody was ever lauded for their paperwork completion rate, and I certainly don't want to be the first.
Isn't that a cute little sunflower?  I'm not partial to the color yellow, but I do love sunflowers.  They are so cheerful!  A little ball of sunshine, without the sunburn.  I grew this from a seed, intending to place it in a garden spot, but now I am afraid to move it.  I don't know if you're supposed to interfere with the sunflower once it has begun its flowering.  Does anyone know?  Besides, the last time I grew a sunflower in my garden, a huge swarm of caterpillars swarmed over the entire plant and ate the whole thing.  It was rather horrific to watch, and I did try to remove the pests, but they started biting me, and I was worried that they would like the taste of human flesh and go all B Horror movie on me. Okay, C Horror movie. Or maybe D.  The sort of horrible movie that would have ended up on Mystery Science Theater 3K.  I remember cracking up over a movie with a giant Praying Mantis--what's a few hundred caterpillars?  Maybe I should get a camera rolling, and figure out a way to get the barnswallows to notice the caterpillars.  That way I'd have movie greatness AND pest control. 

Larry signed up Zane for a soccer camp AND his first soccer tournament this month.  I'm a bit nervous about the whole thing.  Right now he and his father are playing FIFA soccer on the Xbox and watching soccer on television. Way too much soccer, not enough brain building, like reading or writing or exploring.  Larry tends to get obsessive about the various topics that he is interested in, and that can end up overwhelming a kid.  I know that I get overwhelmed keeping track of it all.  I really don't want Zane to get burned out on playing soccer.  Zane seems fine now, so it's likely that I am just being my usual worrywart self.  

Johnny Depp is 50.  FIFTY.  What the heck is that man doing that he doesn't look 50?   I want it.  Yes, I know that he is rich, and he has person chefs and trainers, and all that, but the bone structure is pure genetics.  That guy is the prettiest man that I have ever seen, and he would also make a very pretty woman.  That bone structure and that skin is just that awesome.  I'm sort of jealous! 

Go visit Mrs. Stacy, who is gearing up to move cross country!


  1. Good luck getting all your piles'o'paper whittled down - whenever I'd be going on vacation when I used to work full time, I'd do the same thing before a 'break', so there would be less stress upon my return. :)

    I think it's cool Zane is signed up for soccer and even a tournament - it'll be some good boy bonding with your hubby and him. And Zane is like Princess Nagger in that 'obsessive' mode when they're interested in something - so far I haven't notice any 'burn out' (knock wood). :)

    Johnny Depp is 50?! I'd like to know how he does it, too - I LOVE him. :)

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  2. FIFTY? Must be his carefree lifestyle. Seriously. Does he stress over anything?

    School's out here in two weeks... Youngest's class is hatching chicks. Two were born today! I'm so beyond excited about this it's just not normal.

    Must be the summer crazies.


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