Thursday, January 31, 2013

Random Facts

Mamakat's prompts: 1.) Last week I opened the opportunity to write an open letter to men with a  word of advice, an issue you’d like to address, or a solution to a problem. This week? Hand over the reigns and let your husband write his OWN open letter to women.
2.) 5 Random facts about you and your family. (inspired by Nice Girl Notes)

I picked up my husband from his school, and we started  heading toward home, which is 23 miles away.  Plenty of time for conversation, right?   Our usual routine involves monosyllabic mumbles while we decompress, followed by short, simple sentences.  By the time we pick up our son, we are usually coherent.  I had something different in mind.

"What advice do you have to offer women?"   I'm a rip-the-band-aid-off-quickly kind of woman, but I tried to sound nonchalant. 
"What?!?"  I had surprised my husband by asking him a question instead of just my usual mumbling. 
"Mamakat said that husbands could write an open letter offering advice for women.  You know, since last week we got to give men some advice."   
Larry wasn't buying it.  He even laughed out loud.

"I am smart enough to know that any advice that I could think of would be immediately discounted because I am a man."

The man had a point, but I had a blog post to write, so I went with Plan B.  

"What are some random facts about our family?"

"Just the fact that you're asking me that is pretty random..."
The rest of the car ride went downhill from there, although Larry did come up with a couple of ideas.

1.  We have more Lego bricks inside our house than real bricks on our house.  The boys in this house love them some Legos.  Zane and his daddy sit hunched over the kitchen table, looking at the diagram in the little booklets, locating the correct pieces, and putting them together.  Larry is a little more into it than Zane, because 5 year old attention spans are notoriously short, but the Lego sets have provided opportunities for some sterling father-son bonding.  Larry is still working on not losing his mind when Zane wants to actually play with the Lego sets, but he's made good progress.  The last time Helms Deep was completely decimated by Count Dooku and his horde, Larry only whimpered for a hour.

2.  We are actively looking for Bigfoot.   After every episode of Finding Bigfoot, we have a map out, and we are locating the state where the episode took place, and where that state is in relation to our house.  When the team went to Australia, we did the same thing, and we discussed that Australia is a different country and how things there might be different from here. On one episode, there was a visually impaired woman and her guide dog, so we talked about why she needed to have a dog helper. All these opportunities to talk about travel, culture, diversity...We love that stuff. Plus, if we do find Bigfoot, Zane will be the coolest kid on the planet for at least a day.

3.  We are into soccer.  I know, I know--coming from two of the most sedentary people on the planet, that's just plain crazy talk.  Except that our son is very...energetic.  He likes to run.  So we let him, and we put a ball in front of him.  Being nerds/geeks, however, we don't just let Zane play soccer.  We joined him in his enthusiasm.  My husband joined the board governing our particular soccer league, so that we would have some say in how our son learned his skills.  Larry then became a commissioner, setting up the teams, finding coaches, calling parents, etc.  Larry also decided that he wanted to coach, so he went and obtained his 'D' license, whatever that is. In addition to all that, we watch soccer on television and try to keep up with the English Premiere League. 

4.  We own more books than the population of Liechtenstein.  I made that up.  Maybe not about the population of Monaco?  No?  The point is that we have a lot of books.  We have bookcases that go from floor to ceiling.  We have books on the floor, books in boxes in the closet, books underneath the bed, books in the bathroom, books in the get the idea.  Anyplace that we can stuff more books, we have.  If it weren't for the kindle, the house would be bursting at the seams with books.  We just love books, and once that attachment has formed, we can't let our favorites go.   

5.  We offered amnesty to our cats, trying to get them to reform.  Pounce is insane.  I love her, but she still won't acknowledge or accept Zane being here, and he's been here for five years.  I have warned her that she will go before Zane, but does she listen?  Zena is our little serial killer, often showing up at the door with various critters  that she has found.  All they have to do is move, and she's on them, stabbing them with a claw and flinging them about  in the cat version of Unforgiven.  We've tried keeping her indoors, but she is faster than us.

How about you?   What are some random facts about your family?

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  1. We have a ton of books too!

    Stopping by from Mama Zkst's :)

  2. Reading this so early spurred me into action. Grandsons are into Legos and I like playing with them when they do. I like to build.

  3. Haha! 1 and 4 are true about us, and we don't even have kids! I'm a big Star Wars fan and collect the SW Lego sets. We have nearly as many books as I have Legos, and although I wasn't interested in e-books at first, I'm so glad I now have a Kindle. We're running out of shelves!

  4. Oh yeah. My hubby has already announced that T must have HIS OWN Lego sets. I'm sure my hubby will find excuses to play with T's but is completely unwilling to share. And I'm okay with that at this point because T is only 5.5 months old - a bit young for Legos of any variety.

    1. T will be grappling with your husband for Legos before you know it!


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