Monday, January 7, 2013

It's Freakin' Monday

The one bad thing about getting two weeks off for the holidays is that those fourteen days are long enough for me to get completely off my schedule, sleep-wise.  Consequently, I stay up way too late and get up way too early.  I do much better with a consistent sleep schedule, but the holidays just throw me. I predict that today I will wake up groggy and irritable.  I will likely move slowly, my knees creaking loudly as I lean on the rail to go down the stairs.  I may or may not have an excitable puppy hurrying me along, so she can get outside and pee on the grass, not the carpet.   The Downstairs Cat will greet me, her tail waving regally, her eyes blinking in the kitchen light. Both the dog and the cat will race outside, but the day doesn't officially begin until I start the coffee brewing.

It was way too easy for me to let go of work for this vacation.  Make no mistake, I love my chosen career.  I am perfectly happy to be a school psychologist.  I'm just not too keen on my current job right now. Not only am I saddled with way more paperwork than one human should be, not only do I wear too many hats, now two of my colleagues quit.  We started off the school year two people short because of budget cuts(did you ever notice that the people making the budget cuts never cut their own salaries?), but we lost those two as well.  All of those people were good people, tired of dealing with all the paperwork and the negativity, so they went to work somewhere else.  It's not a good situation, but there it is.  Somebody's got to take up the slack, and one of those people is me.  I don't have to like the situation.  I do, however, have to deal with it, and I plan to do my very best. 

Starting with the preparations for the day. I've made very sure that there is enough coffee in the house, so that at least won't be a problem.  I remembered to ask my husband and son to gather up all their various items into one spot for easy location.  If I am lucky, they remembered.  If I am not lucky, then there will be many trips up and down the stairs to get shirts, and pants, and socks, followed by much yelling.  I would rather not have any battles before we even get out the door, but sometimes that is just the way it goes.  Hopefully, Zane won't throw a fit when we drop him off at school; trying to leave when your kid is holding onto your leg and crying puts a damper on the rest of the day.   After dropping off Zane, we will drop off Maisy at my mother-in-law's house(doggie daycare), and fight the traffic to New Braunfels. If the traffic is especially bad, I may have to stop and get a breakfast taco.  

Once I get to the office, there will be a certain routine to everything.  There will be meetings to schedule and people to call, and emails to send out, and reports to write, and before I know it, it will be time to come home. I will pick up Larry, we will pick up Maisy and Zane and head for home.  Zane and I will take Maisy for a long walk, and then start our evening routine so that we are ready for Tuesday.

One foot in front of the other, we will all get back into our routine, and Mondays won't be so bad.  


  1. I know the feeling. I hate Mondays. However, this Monday I was looking forward to a little more because it DOES mean I can get into a regular routine between me and my husband working opposite shifts while still taking care of our 5 month old.

  2. Just keep swimming! That routine sounds absolutely exhausting!

  3. I love my routine. HATE when it's disrupted. Routine is my friend. So I can totally relate.


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