Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Why Of It

For this weekend's challenge, in honor of all of the writers throwing rationality (and perhaps sanity) to the wind and writing til their fingers bleed, we're asking for exactly 33 words about why we write.

Only when I am
Elbows deep within
The cosmic gore
Of my imagination,
Only when I reach
The beating heart
That is creation,
Do I find a kinship
With the Author of all.


  1. Your creative imagery nevere ceases to impress me!

  2. I picture you grabbing that beating heart with your hand and squeezing it for all it's worth! I love your cosmic gore!

  3. I love your use of words. Well written.

  4. I got this wonderful image of you elbow-deep in the chest cavity of a teeming imagination. Awesome (:

  5. You've created such a vivid image. Writing is so much deeper than words on a page.

  6. Wow! What imagery. Cosmic gore. I love it.

  7. Such a tactile description of the connection between creativity and the Divine. Absolutely amazing. I loved it.


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