Sunday, November 4, 2012


optional prompt: family

My parents came from large families.  My mother is the oldest of eleven children, my father is somewhere in the middle of six.  But there's only just my brother and me.  Throughout most of our moving about, he was there, one small constant.  We got on each other's nerves on a daily basis, just because that is what siblings do.  When we were younger, our disagreements often resulting in physical altercations.  Except that I knew that he had my back, and I had his.  We were often the new kids, we were often targets.  But if you messed with my brother, you dealt with me.   And vice versa.

Now I have a husband and a son.  My brother has a wife and three teenagers.  His kids are much older than my boy, and his wife would rather spend time with her relatives than us.  It is what it is. We have our own lives, my brother and I, and though we live less than five miles from each other, we usually only meet on Sundays for the family dinner.  Conversations are limited to the time it takes to enjoy the meal, most days. 

But I know that if something happens, no matter what, my brother has my back. If I need him, he will be there.  And vice versa.  That is what family does. 

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  1. My brother and I are still best buddies our kids are grown and gone but we still see each other as often as we can.

  2. Love it. A real special bond there (and a really well written stream!). I love your last line: "That is what family does." So. True.

  3. Ah! You're so right about the having each other's back thing! No matter in how much trouble you are, your siblings are there for you. :D
    Great stream!


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