Sunday, November 18, 2012


optional prompt: your passion

Passion is not something that I am known for.  In fact, my husband often kids about lack of emotion about things.  I don't smile enough, or show enough enthusiasm,  is the idea.  Apparently I am supposed to jump up and down and clap my hands with glee, or some similar display of excitement.  Except that really isn't me.  

I am just not overly enthusiastic.  The things that I get truly passionate about, books, movies, music, my family, are quiet activities, and no overt displays are really necessary.  If I get excited about a great book, I may hug it to myself, and smile about it, but no cartwheels are needed.  A great movie may cause me to cry, but it is not necessary for me to cry loudly or hysterically until someone brings me a tissue.  (Unless Old Yeller dies, then it is perfectly okay.)   I've never been an overly demonstrative person, it is not my personality. 

My passions tend to be hidden or subdued.  I see no need to get giddy on the outside, even if that is how I feel on the inside.  Big displays like that are simple entertainment to me, and if my husband doesn't understand that by now, I can't help that.  I show my passion through my actions, such as making sure his clothes are washed and that he has his favorite foods in the fridge.  Besides, jumping up and down really hurts my knees, and my boobs always fly up and hit me in the face.  


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  1. I'm not a very giddy person on the outside (unless I just finished writing a book, then I run around the house grinning), but I get very, very passionate about things on the inside. My 2-year-old nephew is the only one who can get me jumping up and down crazy like. He thinks I'm funny.

  2. I am trying to take my passion down a notch, although I cannot match the calm of the one I live with (unless he is watching football).

  3. and my boobs always fly up and hit me in the face.

    You have no idea how much I can relate. :) I am not an overly enthusiastic person as you say, but I do get all consumed with things when I feel a passion. Weather it be books, getting healthy, or IEP meetings for my kids. All emotions are on my sleeve, for the whole world to see.

    1. Sometimes I wish I were a bit more emotional, but it is just not meant to be.

  4. I usually don't get overly enthusiastic and bouncy about stuff either, but I have my moments of pure, scary hyper-ness. I think I tend to lean towards people who don't get overly excited on the outside about stuff, which is good. It keeps me in check, if nothing else. Nice stream!

  5. Oh, I definitely get this :) I'm generally not enthusiastic (outwardly).

  6. I think I have diagnosed your problem. But you may need to lie down for this. I think you MIGHT be an Australian. We are known for being laid back and famously not caring. I went to Movie World downunder and witnessed an American performer's meltdown because we were a 'tough crowd'. We weren't sure what he meant, but narrowed it down to none of us responding with 'ooohs', 'aahhs' and gasps whenever he said/did something.

    So there IS a cure - just move down here and you'll be considered perfectly normal!!!


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