Monday, May 7, 2012

The A to Z Challenge After Party

Alas, the Great A to Z Blog Challenge is over for 2012.  However, there is still the after party, for those who still want to dance.  Since I'm usually in bed asleep when most 'after parties' get started, I am just taking the word of my younger friends about the dancing.  Back before electricity, we didn't have an 'after party'--we just kept the party going until we all fell asleep with blisters on our feet.  We were pretty hardcore in the 1880s.  Still, after parties are all the rage now.   

The blog challenge wasn't as difficult for me as it was last year.  I suppose that my natural anxiety about the unknown fueled my fears last year; the blog challenge seemed like a colossal mountain to climb.  And the bloggers!  Yikes!  Serious authors, with actual published books!  Wayyyyy more intimidating than I expected it to be.  I would sit in front of the computer, and the white screen would taunt me with its blankness.  When I was able to type something, it was with the worry that I wouldn't measure up. 

This year my anticipation of the event was way more than my anxiety.  I loved thinking about what to write, and it seemed that the ideas flowed more freely.  I don't know if my ideas were that great, but at least I had them this time.  The blank screen was enticing instead of intimidating. It was exhilarating!  I felt as though I completed a marathon of sorts, only without the major asthma attack and torn ligaments!

And I got to read lots of great blogs!  This year my phone had a screen large enough for me to be able to read blogs on it, so whenever I had a free moment, I was reading. What awesome talent is out there!  They were like little snapshots in an album, and I loved fussing over every single one.  Of course, when you guys become famous, I'll expect an autographed copy of your novel!  


  1. Congrats on completing the challenge. I struggled a little bit with the challenge. April was super busy and there were tons of writers signed up. I felt intimidated and out of sorts because I'm not a writer. Nevertheless, I had a lot of fun and would do it again next year!

    Eat Live Move

  2. Visiting from A/Z post reflections of the challenge! Congrats for finishing and for it being your second year to do so! Not sure if I'm up to the adventure next year or not. I did find there were a lot of writers out there in blogs I would try to visit. I knew with my busy schedule I had to write a few posts a head to keep up with it all. There was only one letter I re-did the morning it was "due" since I wasn't crazy with the first thought of it. I did enjoy the challenge though :)

    wishing you a wonderful Tuesday!


  3. I missed a few days, but had fun anyway! Unfortunately I'm not able to read as many blogs most days as I'd like. But I did try to visit those who visited me.

  4. We should' Ve started our party at 3:00p.m. We could've lasted at least three hours then!

  5. Congratulations on completing the challenge. April is a great month for meeting new bloggers. Here's to next year!


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