Saturday, April 7, 2012

Game Play

Games are where we are developmentally with my son these days.  It was as if a switch turned on in his brain, and now he is all about playing games.  The first game he 'got' was, of course, soccer, but this week he discovered...Tag. 

I am okay with my child playing games.  Games teach kids to work cooperatively toward a goal, encourage healthy competition, and are a big boost to the thinking skills that will be needed in other areas.  Games that involve physical activity also build stamina, muscle coordination and a whole bunch of other stuff that I am too lazy to go look up right now.  I am a big fan of games.

I am not a fan of Tag right now.  My son is one of those 'spontaneous' types who likes to start a game off in the middle of my morning pot of coffee, or while I am in the bathroom.  Zane will dart in and touch me, yelling "TAG!!!" and then he will be off to other parts of the house, all before my brain can form the letters "Wha--?"   I can't exactly leap up and chase after him, not without making a mess in either location. 

I tried explaining to my son that there is a time and place to play games, and that interfering with Mama and her coffee was a dangerous enterprise.  But Zane has that whole 'joie de vivre' thing going, and when he's gotta tag, he's gotta tag.  I don't remember ever being that way as a child, but he must have gotten it from somewhere. 

So I've resorted to trickery.  When Zane tags me, I yell, "I'm going to get you!!!"  He runs off, giggling, and I get to finish whatever I am in the middle of without further interruption, until he realizes that I'm not anywhere near to 'getting' him.  Then I hide behind a door, and when he runs by, I jump out and yell "TAG!" 

Then I run.  Okay, I don't actually run.  I walk really fast. 

What games do you play with your kids/grandkids?


  1. i was playing this game with my grand-kids on my fishworld game on facebook---they were offering jewels and diamonds gave the most if you got one---as we clicked- myself and the grand-kids would chant-"diamonds diamonds diamonds"---i know pathetic huh---loved you post :)

  2. Haha, that made me laugh, you've found the perfect compromise. My girls are older now, but I used to 'play' with them by getting them to use their puppets or dolls to make a little show for me to watch as their audience, that way I could drink my coffee safely while 'joining in' with their game :)

  3. The "I'm going to get you trick" is hysterical. We are a big card playing family so I'm Gin-ed out by the time they go back to school! I do play hide and seek with one of my dogs and it's pretty funny!

  4. You are a tricky one! We have a game closet that is just a few more years away from a hoarders episode.


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