Sunday, February 5, 2012

Do I Really Care About The Super Bowl This Year?


I do not care about the Super Bowl this year.  Oh yeah, I so went there.  I will likely have the game on, because I think that there's some clause in my homeowner's manual regarding that, but I probably won't be watching. 

I used to care.  When Dallas Cowboy Jackie Smith dropped that touchdown pass in the end zone to lose the game against Terry Bradshaw and the Pittsburgh Steelers(I think that was 1976), I remember that I cared. I think I cried. Actually, I think Jackie Smith cried as well. 

In the state of Texas, it is not required that you love the sport of football.  If you intend to live here, however, you must have at least a passing understanding of the game.  And I do. My father, brother,  and I spent many a pleasant Sunday bonding over NFL games.  As a family, we often chose the Tom Landry method of watching the game in stone-faced silence rather than getting all emotional.  I felt that it was more of a spiritual experience that way.  As I've said before, football is the unofficial religion of Texas.

Over the past few years, however, something changed.  Football on television has become more  Every 30 seconds, there's a freakin' commercial, and the flow of the game just stops.  The "big" game is jammy-packed with advertisements, and it sucks.  I would actually pay to be able to watch a professional game without any commercials, but that's never going to happen. I would also rather see the commercials on MY terms, when I want to see them, not when some network guy making kajillions of dollars tells me that I am supposed to see them. So I will wait and watch them online, at my leisure.  I still pull up this gem on occasion! 

Another reason I don't care about the Super Bowl is that I've seen these two teams play before, and the Giants won.  I predict that the Patriots will win tomorrow.  I base that not on the skill of any player or the acumen of any coach, but because the Giants won last time.  I think these 'contests' are decided long before the actual game is played.  It's more than that, however.  When I watched the Super Bowl of 1976, I remember that those players practically beat the ever-living crap out of each other trying to win that game.  It was an actual battle, it seemed.   Football was based on an 'after the battle' game, where actual heads were involved. 

Also, I have to say this:  Madonna!  You look very well preserved for your age, and you certainly aren't ready for the old folks' home, but dammit!  Quit trying to act like you just graduated from high school!  You're starting to remind me of Joan Crawford, fer cryin' out loud.  Don't make me send you some wire coat hangers. 

And Tom Brady?  Dude.  Good looks don't win forever. 

One thing that I WILL care about tomorrow?  The food.  That's how I roll.  Mmmmm...rolls.


  1. Interesting! I would like to see the Giants win just because I am over Tom and Bill and would like to see them possibly get over themselves as well for a few minutes. (oh, and we do live in ny, but the son is a pats fan). No matter the score, the commentators will just keep talking about how deep the water is that Tom is walking on. I guess I lost interest a few years back when Brett favored made a mockery of the game and then himself. I miss the commercials being a surprise. Bueller would've been fun and novel if I hadn't already seen it, along with the vw dogs....sooooooooo, whatcha gonna eat

  2. I'm so not a pro-football fan. I almost got excited when the Texans got into the play offs, but more in support for my regional area than the team. I think the majority of pro players, coaches, managers and owners are a bunch of over-paid whiney babies. (And just to cover my polite, southern butt-- bless their poor little hearts.) College football, though, is a different story. I don't really care who's playing... I just like to watch it. I mean, I prefer watching the Sooners. No, scratch that. I prefer watching the Sooners win. But I'll take whatever's on.

  3. As an Indy native, I just want to say how AWESOME it was to have the SB in our sweet little city. I didn't care too much about the game itself (until towards the end when it looked like maybe Brady would win), but I watched because I love Indianapolis, and I love what a GREAT show they put on for the rest of the world. It was exactly what we needed. Beautiful weather for February in Indy, and a very tense non-blow out game. Good for us!

    1. Yes, Indianapolis got very favored reviews as the site for the Super Bowl. Maybe they should just make it the permanent spot!


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