Friday, December 23, 2011

Us Time

I got to spend some time with my husband yesterday.  I can't even remember the last time just the two of us spent time together without involving work or shopping.   I got my mother to babysit  and dragged my husband to the Alamo Drafthouse to see a movie I'd been waiting to see for ages, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

The Alamo Drafthouse is a unique theater.  There are spaces between the rows for waiters to move, there are tables in front of each row, and there are menus.  You can order food, wine, or one of 40,000 beers that they have available.  (Maybe not exactly 40,000. But it was a LOT.)  The best part: if you talk during the movie, they make you leave.  If you text during the movie, they consider that talking, and they make you leave.   It is completely awesome.  I hate it when people are texting while the movie is going on--those little screens give off enough light to be distracting.  I was a little worried about Larry, however.  He spends at least 90% of his day on the phone, either texting or talking.  I was so intent on seeing this movie that I probably would have just pretended that I didn't know him so I could keep watching. Hey, I waited a damn year! My worries were for naught, since we did not get kicked out.  Instead, we had an early supper while viewing the film.

The movie was awesome, a taut, well-paced thriller.  We both enjoyed the film.  Bonus for my husband: they showed the trailers for The Hobbit and Batman Rises.  I felt a little guilty that I was happy just to be alone with my husband, but there it was.  I guess that I needed the break. 

It was wonderful to be able to watch something straight through without having to turn up the volume, rewind the DVR or stop the film to address the needs of our child.  I guess that I didn't realize how often that happens.  Ever since we became parents, our viewing needs have been reshaped by our child and what is okay for him to watch.  Everything has to be sanitized, otherwise we have to record it and save it for later. 

But for this super date we did not have to base our movie choice on how it whether my child would be warped by it.  He was safely at home, hanging with my mother, watching the Balrog mix it up with Gandalf, while my husband and I got to have some "Us" time.  


  1. Hooray for dates! My husband and I don't nearly enough time alone together. Now that the kids are old enough to manage themselves for a bit, we have no excuse other than a bad habit we've fallen into. this year for our anniversary, we left the kids with my mom for the day and just went out and wandered the mall, talked without interruption (the poor guy probably longs for the interruptions) and went out to eat. I am so glad you got food of choice with a movie of choice...with a man of choice (and then got to go home to your little man)!

  2. Glad you had a good time! Date nights are so awesome. I especially love when we get to have overnight dates. They help me feel like a normal person again.


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