Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's Christmas Eve?

Really? Already? Where was I when all that was happening? 

Oh wait, I was enjoying a nice vacation of sleeping in and spending time with my husband.  We finished the shopping for gifts earlier in the week, and I concluded the food shopping yesterday.  All that is left today is for us to attend services this afternoon, then head over to my parent's house to eat supper and open a few gifts.

Once we get home, we will make some cookies for Lar--I mean, Santa, and place them out where he can find them.  We even have a special plate and cup for the guy.  Then it will be a matter of getting the boy to sleep so we can put the toys out for him to see on Christmas morning.   Zane fights sleep tooth and nail, but once you get him to be still, he's out. It's the getting to be still that will be the hard part.

Then I will sit back and watch Die Hard with a glass of wine while my husband attempts to put together a 3700 piece Lego set and arrange the presents for maximum visual impact when Zane comes down the stairs.  Maybe if I can get him to drink a glass of wine, Larry will watch the movie with me.

The kicker?  My son decided yesterday that he wanted a Balrog for Christmas, addition to all the other stuff he asked for. Would YOU want this critter in your house?

Source: via Tina on Pinterest

 I told him that Balrogs were messy, smoky, and all-around terrible house guests, and they were not allowed in the house.  Besides, all of his toys would melt--did he really want that?  Nothing changes a boy's mind faster than the thought of melted toys.

Yep, it's Christmas Eve.


  1. That is so funny....I actually had to go and look up what a Balrog was. Maybe you could keep him outside?

    I'm no help, am I??

    Have a good one sweetie!

  2. Mommy I LOVE your style!!!!!!!!

    Hope you are enjoying your movie!!

    Merry Christmas to you!

  3. Oh my aunt watches Die Hard every Christmas Eve--she will be thrilled to hear she is in good company! The son is working on his biggest lego set ever! Hope Zane was in awe of it all! That Balrog looks ten times worse than a Gremlin!

  4. You've got one of the coolest kids ever... a Balrog... too funny!! Maybe he wanted to fight it. With a light saber. You know, a fun mixing of genres and most awesome movies ever?


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