Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Tech Support in this Place Sucks

We have an application that we use in my school district. We use it for all of our paperwork. It keeps everything in one central place, and those of us with access can use it to conduct IEP meetings, write reports, and create IEPs(IEP have to do with special education). I am the system administrator for this application. It's a great application, and I love it because it helps me do what I am supposed to do.

I do not love being tech support.

When we make any changes in our application, my department sends out detailed instructions if any are needed. These are the most beautiful instructions ever, I think. These instructions have pictures with little arrows pointing at important stuff. line by line sequential instructions, highlighted portions, etc. Probably the only entity that I have ever known to have instructions this detailed is the CDC.

Most people who use this application have no problems with it. They download the plug-in that gives them access, log in, and all is right with the world. Others get stuck, and then they call me. Which is a big mistake. I have very few people skills and I HATE talking on the phone.

I love this application, however, and I think that it is an extremely valuable tool. So I take the time to write up detailed instructions, and I take the time to visit campuses when they need help with the detailed instructions. This is all in addition to my "REAL" job, mind you. Most of my calls have to do with people forgetting their passwords, but a great many of the other calls go like this:

Me: "This is Tina"

Random person: "Yeah, I can't log into the program."

Me: "Did you read the instructions?"

Random: "It won't let me log on at all."

Me: "But did you read the instructions?"

Random: "I tried three different passwords, but none of them worked."

Me: "Yes, but did you read the instructions?"

Random: "But it won't let me log on, and I have to do an IEP for an 8am meeting!"

Me: "So have you read the instructions?"

Random: "No, but I really need you to help me because I have this IEP meeting..."

Me: "How long have you known about this IEP meeting?"

Random: "About three weeks, but I really need your help. I can't log in."

Me: *click*

I don't really hang up, but sometimes I would like to! I try my best to help them. I am always polite and respectful. My boss still gets phone calls saying that I was rude. And unhelpful, even! That hurts my feelings!

Tech support people aren't supposed to have feelings! I suck at this job.

Are there things that you do to help others that garner complaints instead of compliments? If so, what do you do?


  1. I go *click* about 100 times a day, in my mind. I wish I could really do it in real life. I mean, someone waits till the last minute and all of a sudden its your problem?? Um, no. I would so be fired in under 60 seconds...

  2. Well, the fact that I provide a hot meal every night that sometimes falls out of the parameters of what any one person in particular feels like eating (and said person does not keep such a thing to his or herself)...why go back to a day job when I can get a similar level of aggravation at home!

    I find you pleasnt and helpful--I know you feel better now!

  3. I've been having a problem commenting on Blogger sites lately. It won't let me comment at all. I've tried three different ways, and it just won't work. I didn't bother to read the Blogger directions because they are really long. Can you help me with this?

    Oh wait, it seems to be working now. Never mind.


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