Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kid Logic

Kids are funny creatures. They listen to adults talk, even when we are not aware that they are around, and they take in our language. What WE say becomes what THEY say. Scary stuff, because often we say things without thinking. Mean things, bad words, etc., all the bad language habits we've picked up, don't sound so funny coming from the mouth of your three year old.

Then again...

"Zane, why did you throw that rock/eat that bug/break that toy/various other rambunctious behaviors?"

"That's why because." Zane says. We don't know where he got that from, but it makes perfect sense. If you're a politician, that is.

The next time Obama has to answer another question second-guessing a decision he's made as President, I would like him to say that.


  1. "That's why because . . ." I remember those days.

  2. I have had a few run ins with the language I use coming out of my kids mouthes. I need a censor button LOL

    Checking you out from the A to Z challenge.

    I hope you will stop by and check out my random thoughts!


  3. It's a very good idea to watch what we say around kids-- their interpretation of things might make more sense than ours.

    They can be so much fun. I'm having a ball with my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter. It brings back so many memories of when my own kids were little. Like Art Linkletter used to say, "Kids say the darndest things".

    Tossing It Out


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